Brimsham & Hosanna 2016

Brimsham’s sixthform students visit Hosanna for Expedition 2016!


Brimsham Green School work collaboratively with Hosanna Primary and students and staff visited recently in July 2016. Here are some of their reflections following the trip…

“It’s fair to say all of the team found the experience incredible and it will be something we will always treasure.  Our 18 month fundraising efforts were well worth it when we arrived at Hosanna School on that first Tuesday morning.  There was a brass band awaiting us and the entire school community had come out to wave flags with the Brimsham logo and Ugandan flag. Never has anyone been more welcoming. We taught at Hosanna primary school for 4 days and we offered a variety of lessons: storytelling, shapes, weather, first aid and many more. The pupils were far more knowledgeable than we’d all expected so we quickly had to adapt our plans. More often than not they taught us things we didn’t know. 

Talking to the eldest class, P7, we soon realised that the sky was the limit as far as aspirations went. Inspired by their ambition, we felt like we wanted to do more to help them on the pathway to their dreams. We all ended up sponsoring children to go to school so they too could follow their dreams. Education truly is the most precious commodity that anyone could offer them.

Sports day on the Saturday was great fun also. Through our fundraising efforts we had paid for this entirely. It meant each child was given a hot meal which included meat.  The winning football team was presented with the Brimsham cup and the winning House team were awarded with a goat!  Each member of the Brimsham team assigned to a House and we marched through the community chanting our team’s colour, hand in hand. The happiness of children is infectious, if they’re having a great time, so are you.

In the second week, we took 60 of the eldest students with us on safari to the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda. Amazingly, we saw 2 elephants in the first 5 minutes of our tour on the first day. The sightings didn’t stop there either; this was followed by buffaloes, a lion, monkeys, gibbons and antelopes. Everything we saw, the Hosanna kids saw too. Part of the experience was seeing their reactions to everything, witnessing the beauty of their own country. We sat and ate in family groups in the evening (2 Brimsham students to 10 Hosanna students). Getting to know individuals and their stories was something that we all found to be particularly important.

We couldn’t have done this trip without the support of the whole Brimsham community – the mufti days, cake sales, quiz nights, car boot sales etc etc. We have no doubt that the Brimsham/Hosanna link will continue for many more years.

Quotes from the team:

“I found it shockingly emotional, but working with the children at Hosanna was the best experience of my life”.

“This trip has taught me that I need to be more appreciative of what I have at home”

“The optimism, ambition and keenness of the children who were living in such awful conditions has changed the way I look at the world.”