Meet the staff

Meet the staff


During our visit at Easter this year, Jo and I were finally able to pin down a few of Hosanna’s teachers between lessons! Read on to learn a little more about the incredible team of staff dedicated to teaching and inspiring the children of Kisenyi…

Zawedde Brenda has been teaching for seven years. She wanted to be a teacher ever since Secondary Four and the completion of her Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling. Two years ago she came to Hosanna to teach Primary One and as we chatted she told me how she felt it was truly her vocation. She spoke of how grateful she is when the children respond and how she loves watching them develop. She is committed to ensuring they achieve their potential and reach for a great future, and her dream is most definitely that the children in her care will enter the profession they most desire.

Mukasa Godfrey has been teaching Primary Five and Six for five years now. He gained his Primary Teaching qualification at college and is determined to use it to change the lives of those he teaches. He aspires to one day gain a degree in Primary Education!

Nansikombi Irene has been teaching Primary Two since 2015. She is a counsellor by profession but really likes teaching and was herself inspired by a former teacher when young. Her motto is to make sure you “Do the absolute best!”

Jesca Mukarwego teaches Top Class Nursery and has done so for seven years having attended the first wave of the University Nursery Teaching Programme. She smiles as she tells me how she admired her own teacher and that she too dreamed of standing at the front of the classroom in long, smart dresses doing everything that had inspired her for the kids of Kisenyi.

Kakumba Doreen is Hosanna’s Deputy Head. She holds a Degree in Teaching and is responsible for the children of Primary Five and Six. She has taught at Hosanna for fifteen years and tells me that her drive has always been to help the needy children of the slum. She finishes our chat with the comment that her happiest moments are when she sees successful children helping others.